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Welcome to one of the largest leading, trustable, and comprehensive health archives of current times.

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Content Creation Process

All most every sensible content in our site are written and generated by highly qualified doctors and physicians. However, other contents draft from less complicated and easy topics in Health My Lives are properly researched and created by ingenious and lusty medical students. These contents drafts are then medically verified and reviewed by respective highly qualified physicians and doctors.


Health My Lives offers genuine medical and health tips, blogs, journals, news, and how to’s. We post everything salubrious you thirst for. You will get to read and watch everything related to diseases, nutrition, health tips, preventive measures, and so on.

Medical Team

Health My Lives has a impeccable, qualified and energetic team of doctors and medical students who are behind the amazing content production process.

Dr Ganga Sapkota

Dr. Ganga Sapkota

Content Reviewer/Writer

A graduated medical physician with years of experience in the medical field. Working as a full time in Puspanjali Hospital, Chitwan, Nepal. 

Dr Sikesh Manandhar

Dr. Sikesh Manandhar

Veteran Content Researcher/Analyzer

Dr. Sikesh Manandhar is a senior Veteran Officer at Governmental Veterinary Hospital, Bharatpur. He is an M.V.Sc.(Medicine) graduated physician from Agriculture and Forestry University.