Avoiding Too Many Calories For High Blood Pressure People

People with high blood pressure eating too many calories will not be good for their health. It would be good if most people are already aware of the natural way to lower blood pressure instantly at home. Health My Lives will tell you how to avoid overcharging right here!

Avoid overeating when ordering at the restaurant

Most of us prefer to go to restaurants that offer larger servings than other places with the excuse of “good value for money eating”. In fact, most of us tend to eat more when served a larger portion. So how to stop the cravings that are rushing when you go to the restaurant?

  1. Choose the portion you want to eat and ask for another pack to take home. This will prevent you from ordering more dishes when your stomach is already full.
  2. Share meals with your companion. It’s a fact that the small serving size is almost the same as the medium size. So don’t be afraid that it won’t be enough for both of you.
  3. Choose foods with lots of vegetables.
  4. For the main course, you should not order a large portion, but a small portion.
  5. Many restaurants serve more pasta servings than you might imagine, leaving you over your target calorie intake. Therefore, be careful when choosing this dish.
  6. When you eat something topped with cheese or bacon, ask the restaurant to throw it away or just eat a small portion.
  7. Some Western restaurants will bring bread for a snack before serving the salad. Remind the waiter not to bring bread because you need to limit starch.
  8. Spend more time chatting during meals with your travel companion. You might forget about eating.
  9. Share dessert with your diners.

Always remember your meal plan

  1. Make sure you know all the foods that are good for you. Stock up on some DASH foods when you’re away. Buy a little more at home than you need so you can take it with you wherever you go.
  2. Bring DASH foods (fruits, raw veggies, dairy) to work for lunch and snacks. Keep good foods ready in the mini-fridge at the office or bring a lunch bag.
  3. Plan to include the main DASH food in your snack.
  4. Chop up fresh vegetables and fruits for salads.
  5. Buy low-fat cheese individually packaged.
  6. Buy lots of fat-free yogurt, many different flavors.
  7. Don’t skip meals and snacks. Satisfying your hunger while it’s manageable is better than letting your stomach go hungry and eating out of control.
  8. Plan what you will eat for each meal and snack each day.
  9. Plan what you will eat before you go to a restaurant.
  10. Keep your goal in mind and make a plan to make it successful.

If exactly following a low-salt diet is too difficult for you at first, add them to your snack. Yogurt, cheese, and even a can of skim milk are great snack foods. Add some fresh fruit or nuts.

Chew on some chopped vegetables. Do you know a lot of people who go off the beaten track mid-afternoon and end up buying a few candy bars or chips to fill their stomachs? Therefore, you should plan and store food according to standards to have healthy food in the afternoon.

Pay special attention to dairy products. Try to eat them three to four times per day. Dairy foods have been shown to help you stay leaner, and achieve your weight loss plan. Make sure that the vast majority of the milk you choose is low-fat or fat-free.

When you go out to eat, think ahead of time about what you want to choose. Even if you’re only going out for a sandwich, plan on ordering an extra salad or boiled veggies.

Limit the portion of rice you eat to just one large spoonful and use boiled vegetables for the rest of the meal. If you are planning to have a great dinner with your loved ones, you need to prepare to eat fruits, vegetables, and fat-free milk at noon and try to limit your evening meal.

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Written by Dr. Ganga Sapkota
Updated on November 12, 2021

A graduated medical physician with years of experience in the medical field. Working as a full-time physician in Puspanjali Hospital, Chitwan, Nepal.