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Migraine is the type of disease which is always stuck with your life on the head like human organs. In another way,  it is the disease of headache disorders which never gonna leave you at any cost on your whole life span. There are several causes and symptoms of this disease which are beautifully described below and you may find the preventive measures after the column of causes and symptoms of migraine.


• Actually, it is stated primarily as headache disorder categorized under recurrent headaches for long period without even a single break. Generally, the headaches long last from two hours to 72 hours and it affects the half of your whole head which feels like something is vibrating on your mind.

What are the symptoms of migraine?

• Basically, there are few symptoms of this sick headache, but it affects the whole metabolism due to the disorders of headache.

Some of the symptoms are enlisted below:-

→ Recurring headache may irritate your glands and those glands produce abnormal juice which may lead you to nausea.

Continuous nausea may lead you to vomit. And it’s obvious that vomiting is one of the symptoms of a sick headache.

Some patient doesn’t want to visualize anything surrounding when they have got a serious headache. Actually, this symptom can be regarded as the sensitivity of light. (People suffering from megrim don’t want to see in a light area, actually. They just want to live in a dark room with eyes closed and sleep in a bed.

Megrim(synonym of migraine) suffering patients sometimes fails to handle their foot and they feel like the earth is rounding fast than usual. That’s why uncontrolled feet can also be the symptoms of megrim.

migraine headache

Q. How many phases are there of migraine?

Actually, there are four phases of megrim. They are:-





What are the causes of migraine?

→ Analyzing the sign and symptoms, there may be several causes for this type of disorder diseases. Some causes of this serious disease are given below:-

• Some people are being haunted by megrim because of overthinking. Overthinking may lead you to behave unusual things and those types of behaviors will haunt you by later due to memorizing the past.

• Dehydration can also be the major cause of this disease.

• Due to avoiding food which is rich in protein, calcium, iron, minerals, etc.

• Due to the lack of physical and mental exercise.

• It can also be transmitted genetically from one generation to another generation. (Study says)

What are the preventive measures of migraine?

To overcome and control this type of serious disease, we need to follow and implement preventive measures. Some preventive measures of megrim are stated below:

• Performing exercise on a regular basis would help you to fit by physically and mentally as well.

• Take 6-7 litres of water per day.

• Take fruits and leafy vegetables regularly on a daily basis.

• Never break “Salad” on your lunch.

• Try to be always busy with anything. Likewise, playing with a child, talking with friends, etc. ( Never leave yourself alone.)

• Take food which is enriched in protein, calcium, iron, minerals, etc.

• Take a short rest after some works.

Q. What is Migraine twenty-one pilots?

→ In fact, “Migraine twenty-one pilots” is an album by American musical duo Twenty-one pilots. This album was released on Jan 8, 2013. Twenty-one pilots had released several songs including migraine twenty-one pilots, an ode to sleep, Holding on you, etc.

» Migraine back of head:-

It is actually a disorder of headache. So, it can cover any side of the head. Generally, migraine back of head covers half part of the whole head. That’s why we can also feel ache on the back side of our head.

»Migraine for 3 days:-

Yeah, this sick headache generally bounds head for 3 days for the maximum time, but sometimes it may leave in 2 hours, too. If you have not got relief from a sick headache, then try to contact fast with the physician for better medicine of pain killer.

Q. What is the migraine headache icd 10?

• Migraine headache icd 10 is the specific and unique code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reciprocate purposes. The code of the migraine headache icd 10 is G44.52.

Q. What is the migraine without aura icd 10?

• Actually, migraine without aura icd 10 is also a unique and specific code that is used to point out a diagnosis for reciprocate purposes. The code of the migraine without aura icd 10 is G43.001. 

» Migraine behind left eye:-

• Our head nerves are directly connected with the nerve starting from the left eye. The nervous system is always interconnected with another system on our body. This is why it’s obvious to get suffered from sick headache behind the left eye.

Q. I’m suffering from migraine from last 5 days. What should I do?

• As I had already mentioned on above answers of the question, hemicrania(synonym of sick headache) generally stays on our body for 72 hours(3 days) at the maximum level of days. But, if you are suffering from megrim for 5 days continuously, then you need to take a rest and take a pain killer by consulting with a physician. (I personally recommend CODOTAB is the best tablet for pain killer of a sick headache.)

»Migraine with brainstem aura:-

• Migraine with brainstem aura is the expanded or long form of an MBA. It is a type of megrim headache with aura. This type of headache with aura associated with pain mainly at the back of the head on both sides. Auras mainly consist of vision changes, slurred voice, dizziness, loss of appetite and balance, vertigo, etc.

»Migraine low blood pressure:-

• Well, if a patient is suffering from both disease, migraine and low blood pressure, then it might be somehow risky for your daily lifestyle. Because both diseases make you dull and may lead you to lose your body balance. That’s why megrim patient with low blood pressure is a little dangerous for their life.

migraine headache

Q. Is it dangerous if migraine lasts for 2 days?

• According to the researches or studies done by the experienced physicians, cephalagia lasting for 2 days is a normal situation. It can last for 3 days at the maximum level.

»Migraine in children(Migraine at 4 years of old):-

• Migraine at an early age is not a serious case. It can last up to 72 hours in adult, but in case of children, it can’t last up to less than a single hour. Sometimes, children feel ache on the head due to other causes. That’s why we need to consult with a doctor for better treatment to find a cause of that headache.

»Migraine 3 days in a row:-

•  Megrim duration depends upon the different categories or types of it. Some type of migraine last for a couple of hours and some types may last for a couple of days or more. For example:- An optical migraine lasts for one hour or two which affects the vision without any ache on the head on only an eye. This type of sick headache causes blurry vision on an eye.

In the case of classic migraine(which starts with the aura), you may feel ache on the head for a long duration and is quite painful. This type of migraine may last for 3 days in a row.

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