Labdanum-Essential Oil, Benefits, Resin & Scent

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Labdanum is a gum resin that can be extracted from the shrubs Cistus ladanifer which belongs to the Cistaceae family.

In ancient times, it’s use was at the peak. However, with time, the use has been decreasing. At that time, people used to extract the labdanum from the hair and thighs of goat and sheep to use them as incense. But for now, labdanum is being produced for the sake of manufacturing perfume.

The plant from which labdanum can be extracted is found on the Mediterranean coast. By analyzing the graph that is being shown on google, we can predict that the use of labdanum was first discovered in the 18th century.



Besides having the best scent, labdanum also has the several benefits. Let’s dive into it.

Helps in treating wounds

There exist a powerful combination of antiseptic and antimicrobial properties in labdanum that helps to kill any type of harmful microbes present in the wounds. Also, it plays a vital role in defeating the other harmful germs that infect the wound.

Helps in healing skin conditions

The contracting properties present in the labdanum helps to reduce the skin aging and helps to look you younger.

By producing the sebum, it also regulates the acne and ultimately reduce the production of red pimples. An essential oil derived from labdanum, like you can findĀ here, is often used in skincare because of this.

Perfect on reducing pain and inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of labdanum also helps in soothing the soreness of joints and muscles.

Relieves respiratory symptoms

Because of having expectorant and mucolytic properties in labdanum, it helps to loosen thick bronchial secretions.

Support in meditations

Labdanum has the lovely scent that helps to concentrate on doing meditations.


These days, labdanum is used in large scale mainly for manufacturing perfume. Besides it also has the medical uses which are given below.

Medical Uses

Labdanum can also be used for medical purposes. Here are the diseases that can be somehow treated with labdanum:

  • Inflammation on bronchial tubes(Bronchitis).
  • Hernia.
  • Tumors.
  • Edema.
  • Common Cold.
  • Menstrual Problems.
  • Healing Wounds.

Labdanum scent

Labdanum smells like amber, sweet, fruity in perfume. While labdanum essential oil smells like a powerful dry musk.

Labdanum chemical composition

The chemical composition of labdanum are as follows:

  • Camphene(C10H16)
  • Sabinene(C10H16)
  • Myrcene(C10H16)
  • Phellandrene(C10H16)
  • Limonene(C10H16)
  • Cineole(C10H18O)
  • Borneol(C10H18O)
  • Cymene(C10H14)
  • Nerol(C10H18O)
  • Fenchone(C10H16O)
  • Geraniol(C10H18O)

Labdanum magical properties

Labdanum has magical properties such as antiseptic, anti-pathogen, emmenagogue, and constricting. It has such a magic that performs multi-function for human health.

Labdanum Essential Oil

Benefits of Labdanum Essential Oil

Benefits For Skin

By using labdanum essential oil, you can reduce skin aging like skin wrinkles, acne, etc. In addition to that, it helps to tighten the muscles and skin which helps to provide you a younger look.

To reduce stress and make mind peaceful

Labdanum oil helps to get rid of the anxiety and play a crucial role in maintaining your mind peaceful. You just need to rub the labdanum oil gently to your forehead and boom ! You are done.

Helps to minimize common cold and cough

It also helps in curing the common cold and cough. All you need to do is add the 5 drops of labdanum essential oil to the boiled water and inhale/exhale the vopour of that water by covering your head and neck.

Helps in getting relief from rheumatoid arthritis

By doing the message of your joints with 5 drops of labdanum oil, it helps to sooth the swollen joints which is known as rheumatoid arthritis in medical term.

Helps in regulating Mensturation cycle

Having an irregular menstruation cycle? Don’t worry. Because labdanum oil is the better oil that treats on maintaining your menstruation cycle.

Labdanum Essential Oil Substitute

The best labdanum essential oil substitute is Benzoin Essential Oil. Some other may include:

  • Jasmine Absolute Oil.
  • Lemon or Grapefruit.
  • Sweet Orange.

Labdanum side effects

Till now, there is no any side effects of labdanum reported when taken by mouth. Also, it is completly safe to use labdanum essential oil.

However, there is no proper information on using labdanum for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. So, take a proper suggestion from your doctor before using it if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother.

Labdanum Perfume

There are a lot of labdanum perfumes which are available in the market. Some of the lists are here:

  • Eartha Solid Perfume
  • O’Douds All Natural Labdanum Eau De Parfum
  • Labdanum Absolute
  • JD Jeffrey Dame Labdanum Doux
  • Eartha Perfume Oil

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