DESLORATADINE – Uses, dosage, side effects and rare cases on side effects

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Desloratadine is a type of drug or medicine, commonly known as an anti-allergy medication.

It comes in use mostly when a patient has hay fever, allergy-affected eyes or nose, itching, and hives.

This medicine doesn’t work or last for a more extended period.

It’s just an antibiotic.

Generally, it lasts for about 24 hours or a single day, which will be effective only after an hour of taking this medicine.

Uses of desloratadine

Mainly, desloratadine is used for the medication of allergy.

We have discussed for the use of it for different types of diseases:-


If a person has got an allergy, then there will be no doubt that there will present a released substance called histamine in their body.

Histamine can be seen if you have got an allergy as this is one of the primary causes and can be seen mostly in allergy affected people.

The medicine that we are talking about, “Desloratadine” will work against the action of histamine.

That means the creation of histamine will be blocked entirely if you use desloratadine.

Due to this, you can experience that you have got an improvement in the allergy problem.

Hay Fever

Do you know about hay fever?

If no, here is the elaboration in short:

It is an allergy that may be caused in nose and eyes.

If you have got hay fever ever then you had experienced these symptoms for sure:

  • A runny nose with watery mucus.
  • Sneezing.
  • Itchy nose.
  • Red, burning, and itchy eyes.

Desloratadine will prevent all these symptoms and let you live with reduced allergy.


Hives can be caused due to red and itchy spots on the skin.

Desloratadine will help to stop these causes by blocking the way of transferring an allergic substance.

Side effects of desloratadine

It’s a fact that desloratadine helps in preventing allergy as a medicine.

However, it might also create side effects on our health.

Some of the side effects are given below:-


This may occur at the beginning stage of treatment.

And fatigue may occur because your body metabolism may not handle the situation if you are taking the desloratadine for the first time.

So, your body will not be able to absorb the ingredients of this drug quickly.

Due to which you may experience fatigue.

Dry mouth, throat or nose and dehydration

Desloratadine absorbs most of the fluid and water from our body, which will result in dehydration and our mouth, throat, or nose will get dry.


As we have already mentioned, you may have got dehydration due to desloratadine; there will be an adverse impact on our brain or nervous system.

That’s why the nervous system will be unable to perform well in our body, which will result in a headache or migraine.

Rare cases

You may experience dizziness and ache in muscle.

You may notice the increment of appetite and weight gain.

Insomnia is one of the primary side effects of desloratadine, which can mostly be seen in children and older people.

Disorder of heart rhythm and liver.



You need to consult with a doctor and ask for a prescription before using it.

Here we have suggested dosage to the patient according to the most used prescribed dosage, and it’s for educational purposes only.

Please don’t take this without the prescription of the physician.

Desloratadine for elderly people and children over 12 years

People of these ages can take 5mg of desloratadine daily, but only once in a day.

Desloratadine for children between the age of 6 to 11 years

Parents need to provide 2.5mg of desloratadine to their children daily and only once in a day.

For patients with hepatic or renal impairment, the initial dose of one tablet of desloratadine 5mg is used every other day based on pharmacokinetic data.

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