Chia seeds side effects, 11 unbelievable health benefits and nutrients

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Chia seeds are one of the most nutrition enriched & edible grains which have a wide range of great health benefits such as maintaining a digestive system, supporting the weight loss, preventing cardiovascular disease, and detoxifying the body.

This type of tiny seeds contains high levels of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, which help to increase High-Density Lipoprotein(HDL) to protect and prevent stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Also, it contains several nutrients which have been described below in points.

What are the nutrients that can be found on chia?

Chia seeds nutrition and benefits

Do you know that among all of the people don’t have the same perception and way of thinking?

If yes, then it’s great.

Well, in perception to many of the people, chia seeds and basil seeds are the same seeds.

But what is the truth?

Are they same or not?

Obviously not.

Because the ingredients of chia seeds and basil seeds are different.

It’s evident that the shape of the seeds of both of them look similar, but the content of chia seeds contain nutritional value and effects in a higher amount.

Some of the nutrients that can be found in chia seeds are beautifully described below:

Fiber and carbohydrates

Carbohydrates present in chia seeds are almost in the form of fiber.

A serving of two tablespoons of chia seeds will provide about 38% of the fiber (equals to 9.6 grams) that needs to be consumed every day for a human.

According to past research, consuming a sufficient amount of needed fiber will do a favour on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, constipation, and obesity.

That will also help in balancing diabetes level of a human being.

Many nutrients researchers recommend that the men under the age of 50 need to consume about 38gm of fiber every single day while women of the same age interval need to consume 25gm daily.

That’s why this seed can be a better or even best source of fiber, which is essential to make our body fit every day.

According to the study held in the time of 2010 in the USA, it was concluded that the people who are using chia seeds of enriched pieces of bread since a long time are being able to reduce the diabetes level and increase appetite.


Chia seeds contain about 12% of the necessary amount of vitamin B3 and vitamin B1 in each of the two tablespoons.

This amount of vitamins will be needed every day for human health, which can be fulfilled by only two tablespoons of chia seeds.

Isn’t it a shocking fact and beneficial for our health?

B1 vitamin is essential for our body because it easily converts consumed foods into energy, exchange fat, helps in the brain development and nervous system function regularly.


We can find the amount of minerals in a large number in chia seeds.

According to the research, in comparison to the earlier discussed topic, ‘vitamin,’ the mineral was found in more amount in the chia.

The different types of minerals that are present in a large amount of number in chia seeds are:


To limit free radicals to healthy cells, selenium mineral would play a role by a role by acting as an antioxidant.

Also, it helps our body to absorb vitamin E in a better way.


Phosphorus plays a significant role to build and improve bones, including teeth.

There exist no any cells in the body without containing phosphorus.

In addition to that, among the mineral, it is the most abundant mineral that can be found on our body.

This mineral can be gained from protein-enriched foods like chia seeds.


Iron is that type of mineral which is needed for almost all of the functions in our body because it is present in the haemoglobin of blood.

So, it makes a sense that iron is necessary minerals that need to be present in our body as blood with less hemoglobin may lead to even death.

In chia seeds, there present phytic acid which can extract minerals in the form of iron.

That’s why chia also helps in boosting the level of iron in the body.


Manganese can be found in various types of foods like chia seeds.

It’s a mineral that helps for better metabolism.

In addition to that, it plays a significant role in the growth and development of the body cells.

Naturally, it is mostly found in a combined form with iron as a chemical.


Calcium is a mineral that helps mainly to regulate our heart in a healthier way.

In-depth, this mineral helps to regulate and clot blood.

Moreover, the contraction of muscles can be done due to calcium.

To sum up, this mineral helps for the nervous system, muscular system, and skeleton system as well and can be found abundantly in chia seeds.


It is one of the essential minerals for the human body because it helps to form red blood cells (RBC) with the help of iron.

About 16-18% of copper is present in each chia seeds, which will definitely help the nervous system.


Magnesium is often used for maintaining the body structure.

If you have joined the gym class and are regular on it, then building muscles using a supplement like creatine would not be enough for you.

You also have to maintain your bone structure, which can be fulfilled by magnesium and can be found in chia seeds as mineral/nutrition.


Chia seeds are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

One thing we want to inform you, in short, is that omega-3 fatty acids play a vital role in cardiovascular diseases and helps in brain development.

According to the one study, a person who consumes 25gm of chia seeds for a week on a regular basis will notice significant increment of omega-3 levels in their body.

Almost three fourth of total fats present in chia seeds composed of omega-3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA).

Are you curious about the rest amount of fats present in chia seeds?

Well, the rest of the fat is composed of omega-6 fatty acids.

Do you know about the flax seeds?

If you don’t know, we are here to describe for you.

Flax seeds are also a source of omega-3 fatty acids.

But would you get surprised if we say about the fact that chia seeds are more popular and have an abundant amount of omega-3 fatty acids than flax seeds?

If you are a vegan, then don’t you be happier if you can consume omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds?

Chia seeds also help to balance the ratio to a low level between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which will definitely help in the medication of diseases like cancer, inflammatory diseases (pharyngitis, tonsillitis, gonorrhea), heart attack, etc.

Chia seeds health benefits

Some unbelievable health benefits of chia seeds are as follows:-

Helps to support weight loss

Almost most of the foods like chia seeds, which are high in fiber will help you to feel surfeit for a longer time.

That means you would not feel hunger than usual if you consume such type of fibrous foods.

What does the research say?

Well, the research says that, on consuming chia seeds by mixing up yogurt, you can comparatively reduce the amount of food consumption every day.

That’s why having chia seeds on a diet will help you to lose weight effectively in a faster way.

Chia seeds help in burning of fat in a quick way.

Therefore, it is also an essential part which reflects the weight loss by chia seeds.

Moreover, this food is also high in plant protein.

In the first term, this is an excellent source of protein for both health and weight because of its ability to help fast and limit appetite effectively.

Provide enough essential minerals

Sufficient minerals in chia

Chia seeds consist of a variety of trace element, vitamins (such as B1&B3), minerals such as Selenium, Phosphorus, Iron, Manganese, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, etc.

These minerals and vitamins are essential to our body to gain energy and better health during this type of hard-working days.

Talking about the amount of iron and potassium minerals, the amount of iron is three times higher than spinach, and we can get two times more potassium in chia seeds than in a banana.

In addition to that, our body will be more easily comfortable in absorbing calcium from chia seeds than milk.

Did you read about the calcium and magnesium earlier?

If yes, then you better know how calcium and magnesium help our body for the structure of bone and teeth.

These two minerals are one of the essential elements for women (much importantly, mothers) who feed milk to their babies and always try to fulfill the nutrients for their raising children.

Without magnesium and calcium, our bones will become altered and porous, which will create a problem on connective tissue and lead to the cause of rickets.

Mostly, muscles of adults will start to be harmed with pain. Along with that, the body will be in danger of heart disease like heart attack and blood pressure disorders.

Moreover, calcium helps to regulate blood coagulation and reduce neurotransmitter stimulation.

Does phosphorus help to digest foods?

Of course, yes.

In chia seeds, there we can find an abundant amount of phosphorus which maintains and helps in the digestive system.

Talking about the function of phosphorus on the circulatory system, it promotes blood circulation to nourish nerve cells.

Lack of phosphorus will lead to a disorder in a body, make bones breakable, aching of muscles, loose teeth, etc.

Another essential mineral present in chia seeds is iron, which helps to form and regulate blood to the cells throughout the body.

Deficiency of iron may cause loss and break of hair, nails, RBC.

Loss of RBC will lead you to anemia.

Chia seeds divide detoxification for the body

As we have already discussed the role of chia seeds in the digestive system, it helps to improve the digestive system by removing the natural toxins present in the body.

Anti-inflammatory compounds present in chia seeds also do a favor by preventing and restoring damaged cells.

That’s why the cells will be less damaged, and the amount of toxins released from the body will be thrown away through sweat, urine, and stool.

In this way, chia seeds will improve your overall health significantly.

Chia seeds are excellent antioxidants

Chia is an excellent antioxidant

As people get older over time, their skin will also gradually get old, become worsened, and wrinkled.

Due to the lack of collagen and essential nutrients, your skin will appear like the feet of a crow, which will prevent to prolong the life of the skin.

In chia seeds, antioxidants and proteins combine with Omega 3 ALA so that the aging process of the skin will get slow down, purifying the harmful substances present in the body and excreting those toxic substance helps you have a pinky and healthy skin.

The higher amount of antioxidants found in chia seeds will help to fight with the harmful free radicals that were formed inside the body.

The amount of antioxidants in 100gmof chia seeds provide seven times of oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of the daily requirement.

This will helps to provide a dashing look too cells and prevent ageing in an effective way.

The ageing process will be limited while preventing various types of dangerous diseases like cancer if harmful free radicals are present at a time.

To sum up, protein-enriched foods like chia seeds help to prevent signs of ageing of the skin such as dullness and wrinkles.

In addition to that, it also helps hair to be naturally smooth and healthy as well.

Use of chia seeds help in the digestive system

In natural chia seeds, there present 37%of fiber of which 80% fiber of total in insoluble in water whereas 20% of the fiber is soluble in water which promotes for the healthy digestive system.

Having an abundance of fiber in chia seeds there would be very helpful for a body to stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract from which the digestive system will be much healthier, making it easier for the body to absorb and digest foods.

The intestinal activity will be more comfortable thereafter by eliminating the adhering cholesterol in the abdominal wall and the toxins in the body naturally.

To ensure and maintain a healthier life, you need to consume the sufficient amount of fiber which can be found in chia seeds abundantly.

Nutrients present in chia seeds help to reduce the risk of diabetes

Chia seeds reduce the risk of diabetes

People having the problem of diabetes do also have a problem with high fasting blood sugar levels.

If the process goes on, this will create a chronic disease like a heart attack.

Fiber containing chia seeds have the strength to deal with type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, chia seeds play a significant role to reduce the risk of diabetes and also help to stabilize blood sugar levels.

If we bring water on contact with chia seeds, then there will be a formation of soft gel and when entered into the body.

That gel always tends to help the stomach absorb more nutrients slowly and evenly, reducing the Glycemic Index Value.

Support treatment of excess bag inflammation

A diet high in fiber like chia seeds help the large intestine on absorbing more water and make a urinary system more comfortable to throw away as urine.

This will definitely reduce cramping caused by diverticulitis.

Moreover, it also plays a vital role in preventing most of the inflammation in the large intestine.

Till now, there are no results have been found of the cause of diverticulitis.

However, most of the nutrients researchers believe that the diverticulitis will be more severe if a fiber on your daily diet presents on a lesser amount.

A study of 67 subjects found that consumption of just 10 grams of chia seeds on a daily basis would significantly reduce bad as well as whole cholesterol in the body.

Chia seeds make bones much stronger

Helps on develoment of bones

Osteoporosis is a common phenomenon in elderly people due to fewer estrogen levels, leading to an imbalance in blood calcium levels.

To balance the deficiency of calcium, the body needs to get a certain amount of enough calcium.

Also, the body needs to balance the supplement nutrients in order to strengthen bones.

The amount of calcium that can be found in chia seeds is somehow equal to dairy products like milk.

Consuming chia seeds is a great way to improve bone health.

Out of 100gm of chia seeds, it contains 631mg of calcium on which our body needs only 63% of that total 631mg of calcium every day for a better healthier life.

In particular, this kind of tiny minerals also contains various compounds which improve our metabolism and also helps to absorb vitamin D in a better way.

Ever wonder why vitamin D is very essential to our body?

It’s because vitamin D helps to synthesize calcium more effectively.

In addition to that, chia seeds also contain boron, which helps to metabolise calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, etc.

Do you know about the fact about what will happen if metabolization of these minerals takes place because of boron?

If no, then here is the truth:

  • It helps to develop bones and muscles.
  • Also, it reduces the risk of arthritis, and other complications of bone weakness will be automatically decreased.

Reduce the amount of low-density cholesterol

Remove the amount of bad cholesrerol

Reducing cholesterol through chia seeds is considered as an effective natural remedy for people who are experiencing high levels of blood cholesterol.

Chia seeds contain a large amount of fiber and omega-3, which help to raise High-density Lipoprotein (HDL) and reduce Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) in the body.

Moreover, the cause of the cardiovascular disease is due to having high cholesterol in the body, which may lead to dangerous complications.

That’s why chia seed is one of the best healthier recommended diets by many nutrients researchers since a long period of time which will not even raise a problem on your health.

Helps for the cardiovascular system

Cardiovascular diseases like thrombosis and arrhythmias disorder can lead to heart attack, heart failure, and stroke.

Many studies concluded that omega-3 present in chia seeds would help to reduce the risk of such cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to that, omega-3 fatty acids also reduce inflammations prevent cancer and support for a healthier life.

In most of the diet of people, there seems to be no amount of omega-3 fatty acids because they don’t use chia seeds till now.

On using these seeds regularly in the diet will supplement your body with omega-3.

Compounds of omega-3 work to help stabilize blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis, too.

Helps in the development of the fetus and pregnant women

Chia contains very useful vitamins for pregnant women

The chia is rich in Folate (49.0µg in 100gm) and omega-3 (DHA; EPA; Linoleic Acid) which are essential nutrients for the development of neural and brain tubes of the fetus.

Especially compounds of omega-3 play a vital role in the development of mostly brain of the fetus.

An adequate amount of folate is recommended and essential pre-pregnancy vitamin.

It’s a needy vitamin at the time of the first three months of pregnancy to prevent fetal neural tube defects.

There exist scarce diets such as chia seeds which have high levels of both these essential vitamins and nutrients at the same time.

Chia seeds side effects

Yeah, it’s a truth that chia seeds have a lot of benefits for human health.

However, using an excessive amount of this seed may affect our healthy body adversely.

Some of the side effects are as given below:-

Having an excessive amount of chia seeds may call digestive problems

Chia seeds contain 27% of the water of its total weight.

Also, it contains fiber in an abundant amount.

That’s why if you don’t use chia seeds in a proper way or used too much, it will raise a problem on your digestive tract.

Having a large amount of fiber in a single day can cause problems like constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.

Typically, fiber-containing chia often works for treating constipation, and when used too much, it may inevitably cause you diarrhea.

Other causes related to the digestive system when used too much chia are enteritis, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease.


Chia seeds are known to be edible nuts for people with diabetes because it helps to reduce blood sugar.

However, if you are a healthy person or you don’t have a problem with diabetes, then having too much chia can cause blood sugar to drop, which will result in fatigue and dizziness.

This is how chia will raise hypoglycemia on normal people.

Chia seeds prevent blood clots as it makes blood thinner

Due to having enough amount of omega-3 in chia is a piece of cake and prevents cardiovascular disease as well by making blood much thinner.

However, it would be a risk if we have got an accident on any case because there will be no option to clot blood as omega-3 containing chia seeds will prevent to do so.

Therefore, our recommendation to you is not to use if you are a patient with a history of hemophilia or having a new surgery.


As we have said earlier, omega-3 will make blood thinner on the human body; it will also be a high risk for the people having low blood pressure.

Chia seeds may raise fatigue and blood pressure to drop.

It works perfectly fine for the people having high blood pressure because chia seeds contain minerals to lower the level of salty substances in the body.

Therefore, people suffering from low blood pressure need to use chia seeds according to the prescription of a physician or in a proper way by balancing the pressure level otherwise they may have got a severe issue on the nervous system in the future.

Eating chia seeds directly causes suffocation

Chia seeds contain much healthier vitamins and minerals and if taken directly may experience you uncomfortable on swallowing, which is called choking in medical term.

It may seem confusing, but in fact, you need to care about your problem while swallowing granules even in any form.

Chia seeds have a super ability power to absorb water and may change the size quickly due to getting swollen.

And when exposed to the fluid-like saliva, in the oral cavity, it will be difficult to swallow because of narrow space.

For those people, who have difficulty in swallowing need always to pay attention while taking chia seeds directly.

You may have allergies

Any people with hypersensitivity may have an allergy on the ingredients of the chia.

Some allergic symptoms may include diarrhea, itchy lips & tongue, vomiting, etc.

In severe cases, allergy on chia seeds may even lead to anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis: It is a severe condition which makes people difficult to breathe & tighten in the throat and chest.

According to the news of past years in the USA, an old woman of about 60 years old ate chia to balance diabetes and cholesterol, but she began to feel like dizzy, swelling, hives and asthma.

In your case, if you feel like something different than usual on using chia seeds, then stop using it immediately and consult with a doctor for prescription and alternatives.

Does chia seeds make you pee a lot?

Yes, chia seeds make you pee a lot if you take it in excess amount because it contains about 27% of the water of its total weight. If you take an excessive amount of chia seeds, this will not only make you pee more but surely create many other problems as well.

In case if you missed to read the side effects of chia seeds, read from here.

But if you take it as a diet in a perfect amount then it doesn’t only helps for your digestive system but only helps for better metabolism.

Do chia seeds really help you lose weight?

The shortest answer is, “why not?”.

Having an abundant amount of fiber, chia seeds will absorb the food and make you feel like you are no hungry anymore right now.

This will prevent you from taking food in time to time.

In this way, chia seeds definitely play a role to lose your weight.

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